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Waterproof flooring can be budget friendly at Atlantic Flooring Supplier

Whether the adults have had a get-together, or the kids have had a fantastic birthday party, when the clean-up is complete, you always wish you had waterproof flooring. It’s out there and ready for you any time you want to have it installed. Today’s great waterproof floors are made from wood plastic composite (WPC) and there are also waterproof cores.

Those that are into ecology and enjoy going green will like the fact that the waterproof wood/plastic composite is friendlier to the environment and is easier to maintain than solid wood treated with preservatives. In addition, they can be made using recycled plastics and the waste products from the wood industry.

These types of waterproof floors can generally be installed over existing floors with the exception of carpet, laminate, floating floor systems and cushioned vinyl floors. This in itself can be a huge savings.

WPC floors can add beauty to your home. Thankfully, there is an Atlantic Flooring Supply nearby where you can see all the lovely colors and grains. You can choose a wood grain that looks just like the type of wood that matches your décor. There are plenty of oaks, pines, maples, walnuts and many, many more. What is truly outstanding is a WPC floor that encompasses several different wood grains and colors.
Waterproof flooring in Doral, FL from Atlantic Flooring Supplier
Many homeowners are beginning to use this composite rather than wood for their decks. It withstands the elements much better, while still looking like genuine wood.

You will also hear of waterproof floors called waterproof core. Durable and versatile, flooring with a waterproof core is the best solution when you want the beauty of hardwood without the worries of water damage. The young ones can run around with their drinks and the adults can spill theirs as well. You will not have to worry during your event that your stunning floors will be destroyed.

If you had traditional wood flooring in a specific room, and water remained on the surface, it could leak into your subfloor. This can cause some serious damage. This is why many try to keep hardwoods out of the kitchen and bath areas. With waterproof core, you have no worries.

WPC and waterproof core floors do not expand like hardwoods can, and you don’t have to bring them inside to become acclimated to your interior. No need for underlayment when you have flooring products with waterproof core and they still provide warmth and great noise reduction.