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Why hardwood floors just make sense

Hardwood flooring is elegant, timeless, durable, stable, and offers one of the longest lifespans of any flooring on the flooring market. And it’s most likely perfect for your home. However, you might not know for sure unless you take the time to find out more.

With this floor covering, you can create an amazing floor covering that’s more of an investment than a part of your décor. It’s more a legacy than a simple element of interior design. You will find advantages that truly make these floors perfect for your home and you’ll love it for years

A few important hardwood flooring facts

It's most important to understand that hardwood is never to be placed in basements or below-grade spaces due to dampness, humidity, and temperature changes. For these spaces, and if you’re set on the wood-look, engineered flooring makes an excellent alternative in most cases. We’d be happy to help you find something for this space.

Hardwood floors also have to be acclimated to assure they won’t warp or buckle after installation. Once the relative humidity reaches the right level, that’s no longer a worry, but be sure to ask about details if you’re unsure of how it works.
Choosing a proper species for the amount of traffic in your home is also of the utmost importance. A species such as cherry or oak is extremely hard and works very well in busy living rooms, hallways, and kitchens. However, a softer wood such as white pine can be used perfectly in pantries or closets.

It's good to know, right from the start, that once wear starts to show, you won't have to tear out and replace your hardwood. The hardwood flooring store will work with you in setting up a refinishing project, and your floors will look like new again.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Hialeah, FL from Atlantic Flooring Supplier

Visit our showroom for your hardwood

If you are in the Southeast Florida area, you’ll find our Atlantic Flooring Supplier showroom conveniently located in Doral, FL. When you visit us there, our professional associates can help you find the flooring material that will be perfect for your flooring project.

Whether you have a lot of rooms to floor, or just one, your flooring project is very important to us. As a hardwood flooring retailer that is dedicated to customer satisfaction, you’ll find out that we are willing to meet you are your point of flooring needs to assure that your experience is exemplary.