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Knowledge of carpet is power!

When it comes to updating your home or condo with new carpet, you have many choices to make in addition to color. Do you know the rating you need, and how long you want the new carpet to last? Do you have any idea about how to care for the new carpet? Home and condo owners in the Doral, Kendall, Hialeah, Coral Gables, Pinecrest and Miami areas are lucky to have a carpet source like Atlantic Flooring Supply that can answer all your carpeting questions.

First, an educated buyer should know the terms that are used in the carpet world. When you hear the word fiber, this means that the yarn can be created with two, three or four-ply yarn. Pile is the height of the fibers. You can have a short pile or a higher pile. Now a salesperson may talk about weight. Weight refers to the weight of a square yard of carpet. The higher the weight, the more plush a piece of carpet will be.

But this isn’t all. You will also hear the term texture. This can be the style in which the fibers are cut, looped or twisted. When you see a Berber carpet, you can see the difference the in texture. Finally you have twist. This represents the number of times the fibers are twisted in a one-inch length. The higher the number of twists, the better the carpet will pop back up after it has been crushed.

Now that you have all the terms in order, here are the different types of carpet that are available to redecorate or update your home or condo.
Luxury carpet in Doral, FL from Atlantic Flooring Supplier
A cut pile carpet has all the fibers cut evenly. Saxony is one of the post popular cut pile carpets. The pile is about a half inch and is very dense. This is the type of carpet you would associate with the words plush and soft.

Textured carpet can be soft as well. It can be manufacturer in two-tone, or with an uneven surface. This is a casual type of carpet that is ideal for family rooms or other large spaces. It resists soils, because it is tightly twisted, and it is the most popular carpet in the market.

Finally, you have loop pile carpet. In this type of carpet the yarn is looped and then attached to the back of the carpet. This is a very durable carpet. Probably the most famous is Berber. Berber is generally made of wool, nylon or olefin. It is very dense and resists stains very well.

Level loop does not have a texture. It has a very smooth surface. This is a superior choice for high traffic areas.

Now you have the power to choose the right carpet for your project.